(101) TWIN HOUSES IN TARIFA. 2006-2009.

The proposal departs from the will to construct a building that would suit the dimensions of the site, avoiding oversized volumes, and would take advantage of the optimal qualities of the given situation, topography and natural vegetation. The access to the plot takes place through a single garage, which is common to the two houses. This concrete porch frames the view and produces the first instant of shadow. From there a path leads to the house. The villas are simple staggered volumes, placed on a platform facing the sea. Each villa has two clusters of rooms that are organized around an ample and almost exterior living room connecting the access patio to the terrace. The structure of exterior meeting spaces is repeated for each of the clusters, which contain a small shadowed patio, intimate and protected from the East.

TECHNICAL DATA. Location: Tarifa, Spain. Architects: Luis M. Mansilla and Emilio Tuñón. Client: Vicente Moreno and Luis M. Mansilla. Collaborators: Jesús Vassallo, Ana del Arenal and Arabella Masson. Structural engineers: Alfonso Gómez Gaite. Mechanical engineers: J.G. Asociados. Façade consultants: Grupo Entorno. Quantity Surveyor/Technical Architect: Santiago Hernán. Design project: 2006. Work completion: 2009. Built surface: 400 m². General contractor: VOLCONSA.